How To Eat Pizza? Courtney Cox Answers In A Hilarious Instagram Post


Pizza – the name is enough. Crispy crust, loaded with cheese along with an exciting play of ingredients, things cannot get any better. Just like there are numerous unique recipes for making a pizza, the way of eating this Italian delicacy also varies. Months ago, actress Courtney Cox, in a video, humorously demonstrated the New York-style pizza-eating technique. It included scraping off the cheese, dabbing the pizza with a tissue, and using a fork and knife to finally eat it. While many found the video amusing, others expressed their dismay.

Now, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S star has taken a dig at all the critics who disapproved of her satirical reel. In her latest upload, Courtney Cox compiled clips of various individuals criticising her pizza-eating antics. The snippets captured the reactions of people exclaiming, “Hold on! Did she really scrape the cheese all off the pizza?” and also expressing their heartfelt disappointment: “It hurts my heart” and “What you just did is unforgivable, unconstitutional.” 

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Watch the full video here:

Addressing people whom she may have offended, Courtney Cox apologised saying, “I am so sorry. I know how to do it. I was just joking around.” She concluded the video on a lighthearted note with her trademark humour. Courtney Cox turned towards the shopkeeper and said: “Hi! Can I get a cauliflower crust pizza?” 

For the caption, Courtney Cox wrote, “You fold it, you eat it. Got it. Just joking around.”

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Reacting to the post, a user wrote, “How could they not get your sense of humour already?” Another said, “My Italian friend said Courtney Cox can do whatever she wants. It’s Americans who are upset!”. 

“I can’t believe people didn’t know you were joking!!”, said a user. 

Showering love on Courtney Cox’s “cauliflower crust” remark, a video creator Matt Cutshall commented: “And the “cauliflower crust” dagger at the end to kill the rest of us.”

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