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How To Make Andhra-Special Chicken Curry – Natu Kodi Karu

How To Make Andhra-Special Chicken Curry – Natu Kodi Karu


How To Make Andhra-Special Chicken Curry - Natu Kodi Karu

This Andhra chicken curry recipe is a must-try.iStock

Chicken curry in India is as varied as the food culture of the country. The basic chicken curry embodies different forms in different regions, but it is pure magic that it always tastes amazing. Go to any part of the country, the seemingly different chicken curry will impress your palate in the same way. It is just astonishing how the essence of this popular Indian dish is never lost even with the addition and subtraction of various ingredients and spices. It is always rich, meaty and oh-so flavourful. Here we are talking about Andhra-special chicken curry, fondly called Natu Kodi Kura in the region. 

In the rural villages of Andhra Pradesh, Natu Kodi Karu is literally a staple. And if you ever happen to taste the village-style chicken curry, you’ll realise why the people there still stick to the traditional method of cooking the chicken using hand-ground spices and cooking the dish on an old-age wood fire. The invigorating aroma and depth of flavours is something else. 

But, of course, not all of us can use wood fire to cook our food at our homes. So, we will make this special Andhra chicken curry on our usual gas top, in a pressure cooker. But you must retain the essential ingredients of this recipe to make it as close to the typical Natu Kodi Kura as possible.

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How To Make Andhra Chicken Curry – Natu Kodi Karu:

Once you’ll learn the recipe well, you can easily make this delicious chicken curry in less than an hour.

Click here for the complete recipe of Natu Kodi Karu.

This chicken curry is made with a special Guntur chilli spice mix along with a dash of coconut. It is also made with spicy with the help of green chillies and red chilli powder. Southern flavours are brought on by curry leaves. 

Go through the recipe and try this superb Andhra chicken curry for a delightful lunch or dinner at home.

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