How To Store Rice And Keep It Fresh For Long – 5 Effective Ways


We all love working in a clean and organised space and it stands true for your kitchen too. A neat space, with things kept in the right place, makes the daily chores easy and less time-consuming. And thanks to the pantry organization trend that has taken the world by storm, you now have multiple ideas to make the most of your space, that too effectively. That’s not all. The countless videos and blogs have also made us aware of the importance of safe and hygienic kitchen practices. Today, we all know how crucial it is to store raw and cooked foods properly to keep them safe for consumption. In this article, we will bring your attention to one such food ingredient that is a staple in every household. Yes, we are talking about rice.
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You will find a jar of rice in every kitchen pantry, but the question is, are you preserving it properly? Believe it or not, rice too needs special care to keep them away from bugs or any other type of contamination. Fret not, it is no rocket science; you just need to keep some factors in mind to store rice properly. Let’s take you through it.
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Safe Kitchen Practice: Here Are 5 Effective Ways To Store Rice:

1. Keep in a cool, dry place:

We all have a tendency of buying rice in bulk. And if you keep it properly, the same rice can be used for years. For this, you don’t necessarily need an air-tight jar or any fancy container; you can store it in any bin, bag or container of your choice. All you need to consider is the space where you are storing. Always keep it in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture or sunlight.

2. Freeze it:

You can also pour uncooked rice into a freezer bag and store it. Just make sure you squeeze out the air as much as possible. Frozen rice stays fresh indefinitely.

3. Keep away from bugs:

One of the major factors that you must consider while storing is- keeping away from bugs. Rice bugs and moulds contaminate the ingredient in no time, making it unfit for consumption. Fret not, this problem can also be sorted easily with some basic kitchen ingredients. Now on, if you buy rice in bulk, store it with some bay leaves, neem leaves etc to keep away the bugs. Click here for some genius tips to keep rice safe for a long time.

4. Store it away from other ingredients:

Never keep aromatic spices and rice together as there is a high chance of the rice absorbing the aroma of the spices. This might ruin the taste the texture of rice when cooked.

5. Store cooked rice in the refrigerator:

Unlike uncooked ones, cooked rice is prone to contamination. So, it is very important to store it carefully. Always cool down the rice and store it in an airtight box to avoid contamination. If kept at the right temperature, cooked rice can be kept fresh for three to four days. As per USDA, cooked rice should be kept at five-degree Celsius or less. Alongside, you should also remember to reheat it properly before consumption. Click here to learn the most effective way to reheat rice and avoid food poisoning.
Now that you know it all, store cooked and uncooked rice properly to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

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