Idli And More: Woman Praises Mysore Neighbours Foodie Acts Of Kindness


The internet is a storehouse of photos, videos and anecdotes. We often come across stories from all over the world that tug at our heartstrings and make us smile. Whether it is a sweet gesture or a random act of kindness for a stranger, there are so many instances that can bring a smile to our faces. And recently, one such Twitter user’s story about her neighbours in Mysore went viral. Writer Gayatri took to her official handle @G_y_tri to explain how her neighbours went above and beyond with their kind gestures. Take a look:

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“Mysuru is like this. Stepped out of yoga this morning and a neighbour messages. I can’t even begin to explain how kind Mysuru is,” she started her tweet. In the messages from the neighbour, we could see how she had prepared a delicious meal of Idli, gunpowder and chutney for the Twitter user Gayatri. “Good morning Gayathri, I made idlis please come home,” read the message along with it.

Meanwhile, another neighbour volunteered to send some sambhar. Yet another neighbour sent over some bisi bele bath, as per Gayatri’s tweet. “Last night neighbour on the left sent me some bisi bele bath, the day before neighbour in front sent me some sambar. To the right, she sends me plants and biscuits for the dog. I also send across a bit of anything I make. A lot of this exchange takes place over walls. The whole street is family by now. Well, we all have each other’s plates and cups in our kitchens constantly,” she explained.

A number of internet users reacted to the random acts of kindness. “I’m loving this thread. Good vibes to the whole neighbourhood,” said one user. Another user chimed in, “I am sure you must be an awesome kind and helpful neighbour and that’s reciprocated well.” “I second this! Some of the kindest people I’ve met are from Mysuru,” agreed another one.

Take a look at the reactions:

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