India-UK Tech Corridor Helping Automakers Achieve New Heights: Harjinder Kang, Trade Commissioner


The UK’s technology innovations and India’s production prowess are helping automakers from both countries reach new heights, said Harjinder Kang, the UK’s Trade Commissioner for South Asia speaking exclusively to Zee News at the ongoing London Tech Week 2023. “With technology increasingly underpinning economic development and competitiveness the world over, the next step in the India-UK relationship would be collaborations in ‘sunrise’ future technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence, health technologies, clean technologies, smart urbanisation and future mobility,” said Kang.

He further said that the India-UK technology corridor is a big deal for the automotive brands. Many companies from India have invested in the United Kingdom in the past few years, leveraging Britain’s focus on technology. While Tata Motors’ acquisition of the Jaguar-Land Rover group made a big buzz in the global markets, it also paved way between the two countries for elevating their relationship in the automotive sector. The industry is going through a transformation change, moving away from just machines, to technology driven machines.

“The UK and India share a unique relationship that has strengthened over the years through living bridge, investment and cultural links. Numerous Indian companies continue to set up R&D centres in the UK in order to access innovative solutions. This is testament to the UK’s skilled and expert workforce and this continued investment will help to create jobs, contribute tax and play an important role in deepening and extending the longstanding ties between India and the UK,” added Harjinder Kang.

Right from the autonomous vehicles, to electric vehicles, a lot has changed in the auto industry over the years. The Indian auto companies, especially, are leveraging the UK’s big spend in the technology field to create their R&D centres in the United Kingdom. Indian companies like Mahindra and Tata established their design studios in the UK recently. Similarly, TVS acquired British motorcycle maker Norton, and is using their technology to make their products back at the home more competitive.

“India has rich history of culture, tradition, business and is a very impressive investment destination for investors. With both governments smoothing the road for collaboration, investors have changed the flow of investments by going to the UK to collaborate with the next generation of tech companies” Kang added.

“The UK has a rich history of technological innovation, from our role in developing the first programmable computer to our current world leading strengths in emerging technologies including artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. Ranked 4th in the Global Innovation Index, the UK continues to lead the way in developing the technologies of the future,” he said.

Harjinder Kang leads a department that collaborates between both the countries to facilitate easy trade between India and the UK. He was a key negotiator in the India-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA). “India’s economic success and development are vital to the global economy, to UK interests across South Asia and to global priorities like the sustainable development goals,” said Kang.

“India and the UK have been collaborating across multiple fields and at diverse levels. Realising the potential of world-leading digital hubs like the UK and India, we can together create a culture of innovation, pave the way for the next generation of technological advancement and solve global challenges together,” he concluded.


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