India vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2023: Shubman Gill needs to work on his intent, says Mohammad Kaif


Former Indian cricketer Mohammed Kaif reckons that Shubman Gill needs to show more determination and intent on the field in the Asia Cup Super 4s match against Pakistan.

Notably, Kaif pointed out that Gill did not show intent in the group match against Pakistan as the young pacer managed to score only one boundary after facing around 32 deliveries. Kaif added that facing balls that swing at pace requires players to get into position quickly, something that Gill should be practicing in the indoor nets.

“Gill showed no intent in that game (Pakistan). He had faced about 19-20 deliveries (32), and the only boundary he got was down the leg side. So he definitely needs to work on his intent. When the ball swings at pace, you need to get into positions quickly, and that is something that Gill will need to do in the indoor nets,” Kaif said while speaking to Star Sports after India’s indoor nets session in Colombo.

Kaif also discussed the utility of facing side-arm throwers during practice to improve batting against such deliveries. Discussing Gill’s dismissal against Pakistan, where he failed to bring his bat down in time, Kaif emphasized the need for improved bat speed. He believes the practice against a left-arm side-arm thrower could be beneficial in acclimating Gill to facing bowlers like Shaheen Afridi.

“The side-arm throwers generally try to shape the ball into the batters, and that is something that will certainly help Gill. If you see his dismissal (against Pakistan), he couldn’t bring his bat down in time and his stumps were rattled. So this left-arm side-arm thrower will definitely test his bat speed, and that’s something that will help him while facing Shaheen Afridi,” Kaif added.

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Sep 7, 2023

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