Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Cheese Papdi At Home


Do you know there’s a word for those who love cheese? Yes, it is turophile. Our love for cheese and cheese-based delicacies needs no introduction. Cheese is one thing we absolutely love no matter in what form or where. From pizzas, pastas, sandwiches to even salads, doesn’t cheese make everything so much better? And if you too are a turophile just likes us, you would agree that we can literally have cheese in anything and everything. Even in our crunchy, crispy papdis! Yes, you read that right! Papdi is an Indian snack that is loved across age groups and has many different versions that are made across occasions.

While you can find papdi chaat and dahi papdi at every chaat corner across north India, people make these at home too during Diwali parties. On the other hand, simple masala papdis made with besan are something that we love to gorge on during the festival of Holi. No matter what the festival might be, the crispy, crunchy papdis never fails to leave an impression on our palette. The best part is, it is super quick and easy to make and you can always experiment with the ingredients! And the satiate the cheese-lover in you we’ve got an amazing cheese papdi recipe right here.

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Papdi is also perfect to pair with hot chai.

How To Make Cheese Papdi | Cheese Papdi Recipe

For a traditional papdi recipe, you need refined flour, oil and salt. But if you wish to experiment, you can choose from a range of spices such as cumin, cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, red chilli powder to fenugreek seeds as well. But here we have one of the most unique ones that is not just going to please you but the kids will love it too. The cheese papdi recipe needs just the addition of cheese to the traditional recipe that will combine all of it into a smooth dough. Roll out into flat, thick papdis and deep fry in hot oil. That’s it! Your cheesy, crunchy papdis are ready to be noshed. You may add spices according to your taste or let it as is. You may serve this along with a mint-coriander chutney.

Find the full recipe of cheese papdi here.

These cheese papdis are perfect to toss-up fresh when unexpected guests arrive. You only need a ready dough since it needs about 20-30 minutes of resting time.

Try cheese papdi at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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