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Indian Foodies Are Not Happy With The Lava Idli Trend; Heres Why

Indian Foodies Are Not Happy With The Lava Idli Trend; Heres Why


When you think of breakfast, South Indian delicacies instantly come to mind. Idli, dosa and appams are popular picks among food lovers across the country. Over the time, these classic dishes have undergone numerous transformations. While some of these variants are popular, others failed to impress the foodies. One such instance is the lava idli – a dish that is currently going viral on the internet. It is a combination of idli and golgappa. A video showing the recipe has been shared on social media. It begins with idli batter being added to greased moulds or bowls. Then golgappas are filled with sambar and then placed in the mould. Finally, batter is poured over it and cooked for 8-10 minutes in a hot steamer.

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The video has been shared by a user who does not approve of this fusion dish. Sharing the clip, the user said: “Whoever has done this to idli deserves the punishment of the highest order. There is no justice done to idli or to golgappa.”

Another user said, “Something died inside of me.”

Making their stance on lava idlis clear, one user declared: “Wouldn’t wish this lava idli reel on my worst enemy.”

Golgappa se Lava Idli Bana rahe hain doston. Stop this atrocity,” another user said.

Last year, the internet was pleasantly surprised when a food blogger made blue-coloured idlis. The person used organic homegrown blue pea flowers to impart the blue hue to the idlis. Read all about it here.

In October 2022, video of a idli vending machine in Bangalore surfaced on Twitter. The video, which was originally recorded by a Bengaluru-based food blogger, showcased how the machine works. A customer can place an order by scanning a code on the machine’s application and making an online payment. The menu on the machine includes idlis, vada, and podi idli. Within minutes, the idlis are prepared, packed in recyclable packaging, and served along with chutney from a secondary machine. The restaurant’s innovative approach to food vending left many food lovers amazed. Read on to know more. Click here.

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