Internet Is Divided Over Filming Of Tipping $1300 To Pregnant Waitress


Tipping waiters is a widespread custom across the globe. The standard tip usually falls between 10-20 percent of the bill, depending on the country. However, some individuals choose to go the extra mile and help servers with generous tips. One such heartwarming incident occurred a year ago when a group of friends collectively tipped a pregnant waitress. The astounding amount wasn’t just a mere 100 dollars or 500 dollars, it was a staggering total of 1300 dollars, equivalent to over Rs. 1 lakh in Indian currency. The video of this touching moment was recently reshared on an Instagram page, reigniting the warmth of the memory and resonating with people who appreciate such acts of kindness.
In the heartwarming video, a man seated at the table asks a pregnant waitress, “What’s the biggest tip you ever got?”. She responds, “Like 100 dollars.” The man then reveals that he and his friends have pooled some money together for her tip and kindly requests her to share a little money with the cooks. The emotional moment unfolds as he discloses that they are giving her 1300 dollars. Overwhelmed with gratitude, the waitress breaks down in tears and hugs each friend.
The caption of the video reads, “Let’s bring this back. Last year Mr.Carmen and friends pooled money together to surprise this waitress, who later told local media it was incredibly helpful as a single mom who needed to take time off for wrist surgery after giving birth.”
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After viewing the video, many individuals raised questions about the necessity of filming the incident. A user wrote, “A great sentiment but why does everything need to be filmed? It’s like making a dog give a paw for a treat.”
Another one added, “Wanna be a real hero? Do this but don’t tell anyone.”
“Why does it need to be recorded?” asked a person.
On the other hand, many individuals supported the idea of recording the incident, believing that it could inspire others to engage in similar acts of kindness.
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A person said, “Film it so we can appreciate it. Otherwise, we would never know. This is encouragement.”
“Filming may help encourage others to show kindness to people,” read a comment.
Someone penned, “I honestly could care less if it’s recorded or not, it’s the act that matters …besides, this could motivate someone else to do something generous.”
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