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Is It Really Tandoori Chicken? Internet In Disbelief After Watching The Viral Video

Is It Really Tandoori Chicken? Internet In Disbelief After Watching The Viral Video


The trend of creating hyper-realistic cakes has taken over the internet and how. From Taylor Swift’s life-like cake for the NFL Super Bowl to Kareena Kapoor’s footwear cake–kept next to real matching footwear, hyper-realistic cakes always stun us. The internet has now brought forth one such cake that has grabbed the internet’s attention. This time a baker decided to create a hyper-realistic cake of every Indian chicken lover’s favourite dish. No points for guessing – the baker made a tandoori chicken cake. Dayeeta Pal shared the video of her hyper-realistic cake on her Instagram timeline. The video opens with a nicely roasted tandoori chicken piece kept next to a bowl full of salad and a glass of what looks like a soft drink. Next, Dayeeta takes a butter knife and a fork and slices the piece from the middle, only to reveal vanilla fondant and chocolate filling. We must say, Dayeeta was very particular with the details, as she was successful in creating the greasy roasted orangish brown skin with subtle burnt patches. In addition, the precision with the bone part of the piece was also on-point. Sharing the clip, Dayeeta wrote, “Another day when the tandoori chicken I couldn’t wait to dig in, turned into cake. This realistic cake is definitely one of my favourites. What do you think?”
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Many chicken lovers flooded the comments section with their reactions. Several lauded the baker for her creativity, as a comment read, “Hats off to the artist behind this incredible work of art. Bravo!”

Another read, “I was never disappointed to see a hyper-realistic cake to be a cake than to find such good roasted chicken be a cake. Just wow. Mind blown.”

A user joked, “I’m throwing punches if I cut into my tandoori chicken and find cake.”

A chicken lover wrote, “Isko kehte hain jazbaaton k saath khelnaa [This is called playing with emotions],” and ended with a handful of laughing emoticons.

A few confessed that the baker was successful in tricking them, as a comment read, “Lovely, you tricked me for sure.”

Would you like to try this hyper-realistic tandoori chicken cake? So far the video has been played more than 7 million times.


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