“Is This Pakora Or Sabotage?” Mindy Kaling’s Take On The Indian Fritters Is Too Good To Miss


How often does food pep up a gloomy morning or add fun to a bland evening? Well, foodies worldwide would agree that food can not only tickle our taste buds but can also add fun to our daily lives. Adding fun to Mindy Kaling’s day is a plate of pakora with a quirky presentation. The Never Have I Ever co-creator posted a photo of her snack plate on Instagram Stories. What we see is an ornate plate with a crispy golden-brown fritter served with ketchup and green chutney. While the pakora itself is an irresistible drool-worthy snack to pep up the day, there’s more to this food post.

The plate had a print that read, “Is this samosa or sabotage?” Mindy flipped it and wrote, “Is this pakora or sabotage?” Mindy has clearly expressed her irresistible craving for the Indian fritters.


Mindy enjoyed a plate of crispy pakora

Mindy loves to relish good food, and Indian cuisine often gets her drooling. Once, she surprised her fans by rustling up a delectable bowl of mango chutney in her kitchen. She captioned the post, “Calling all mango heads!”, and went on to add, “It’s mango chutney time!” In her video, she takes us through a step-by-step process to make this traditional Indian chutney. She peels some mangoes, apples, ginger, raisins, and red chillies. Then, she adds a range of Indian spices. To this spicy mix, she adds vinegar and sugar and cooks it until it turns soft. Here is the complete video:

In another video, the Ocean’s 8 actress can be seen making poached fish with herbs and vegetables. There she also reveals that her motivation behind making healthy food is her concern for her children’s health. Mindy knows how to turn a healthy dish into a delicious platter. This dish of fish with herbed sauce and vegetables is proof. A final sprinkling of sesame seeds is the finishing touch for this recipe. Watch it in this video:

Well, Mindy is not always gushing about Indian or healthy food. After all, we see her enjoying a bowl of ramen in another post. She captioned it, “How dare my mean assistant take this photo of me slurping ramen.”

We definitely need foodies like Mindy Kaling to make us rush to our favourite foods.

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