Israel-Hamas war, Gaza hostage release and sustained cessation proposal


The Israeli Air Force said Thursday that dozens of its aircraft deployed over Lebanon could “turn into hundreds” ready to operate within minutes from launch.

“The dozens of aircraft currently operating in the skies of Lebanon are only part of our capabilities. Once the order is given, my intention is for these dozens to become hundreds of aircraft capable of executing all missions within minutes, from launching operations over the skies of Lebanon,” Israeli Air Force Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar said in front of military personnel.

Bar said that in case of a war in Lebanon, “the term ‘attack’ does not fully capture what will occur.”

Bar said that massive strikes would target ” hundreds of locations simultaneously, including deep within the country.”

In an earlier statement, the Israel Defense Forces said soldiers who fought in Gaza were now training for combat on the northern front. 

“The 36th Division, the Northern Command’s offensive division, has completed an intense combat operation in the Gaza Strip, during which the division’s soldiers significantly damaged the capabilities of the Hamas terrorist organization,” the IDF said. “Now, the division is increasing its readiness for operational plans against the northern enemy – in defense and offense.”

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