Home HEALTH & FITNESS “Just Cooking Like A Wow”: Amul Joins The Viral Trend

“Just Cooking Like A Wow”: Amul Joins The Viral Trend

“Just Cooking Like A Wow”: Amul Joins The Viral Trend


Amul never fails to steal the show with its topicals. In recent times, Amul has seamlessly transitioned into the digital age, crafting its own shareable memes and pop culture references. The iconic Indian dairy brand is a prime example of how even long-standing, traditional entities are embracing meme culture. Amul recently posted a picture featuring their brand’s mascot – a blue-haired girl in a polka dot dress- cooking up a delicious meal using Amul products. In the picture, we can see a sizzling pan with some delicious-looking food being prepared in it. There is also a block of butter next to the pan, surrounded by fresh vegetables. The text on the image reads, “Just cooking like a wow,” adding, “Amul – Always popular.”
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This is in reference to the audio “Just looking like a wow” which originates from a viral video of Jasmeen Kaur, who energetically promoted her clothing brand on Instagram, repeatedly exclaiming, “Just looking like a wow” to describe the dresses. Her infectious enthusiasm quickly turned the video into a viral sensation. 
In no time, the post grabbed attention on thee internet, with the comments section buzzing with people applauding Amul’s creativity.
One user wrote, “Wow. Amul always wins hearts with these amazing creative ideas, “Love you, Amul.”
Another comment read, “It’s trending just like a wow.”
Amul has a remarkable track record of delighting people with their out-of-the-box topicals. The dairy brand recently paid a heartfelt tribute to Matthew Perry on Instagram with a creative post that read, “We Binged on your wit.” In this illustration, the word ‘Bing’ in ‘Binged’ was cleverly highlighted to represent Perry’s iconic character Chandler Bing in the super hit American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 
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