Khatte Lehsuni Aloo – A Must-Try Recipe If You Love Sookhe Aloo In Your Indian Meal


Name one dish that proves to be most handy when you are confused about what to make. Whether it is aloo chaat for snacks, aloo paratha for breakfast or aloo ki sabzi for lunch or dinner, this veggie is always there to fall back on in the absence of a meal plan. And the best part about aloo recipes is that all of them taste amazing. Aloo ki sabzi is one of the simplest and yummiest Indian dishes found in almost all households. Kids don’t dislike it and adults love it. Dry (sookhi) aloo ki sabzi is so versatile that you can pair it with any Indian bead – roti, paratha, naan, poori – and any other Indian sabzi.

There are many ways you can make dry aloo. Jeera aloo, aloo pyaz, fried aloo, mirchi aloo – options are many. Adding to the list is this amazing dish that you must try if aloo is your favourite dish. 

Khatte lehsuni aloo is something that you and your family will definitely love. It will break the monotony of regular aloo dishes and level up your Indian fare like never before. The sour taste in the dish is rendered by some lemon juice and lots of garlic is added right at the start to give it the sharp taste and fragrance of garlic. No onion or tomato is added. Just a few spices are mixed with the potatoes and you get a delicious aloo dish that will surely impress you. 

Khatte Lehsuni Aloo Recipe:

Click here for the complete recipe of khatte lehsuni aloo.

This unique aloo recipe is a must-try for an amazing Indian meal with your friends or family.

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