Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Date, Puja Timings And 5 Milk Dessert Recipes Inside


Krishna Janmashtami, a cherished festival in India, rejoices in the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Also known as Gokulashtami and Shrikrishna Jayanti, the day arrives in the month of Sravan as per the Hindu calendar, falling on September 6 this year. Devotees affectionately remember the young Krishna, also known as Bal Gopal and Laddu Gopal, on this auspicious day. The festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country. Here are more details of the festival you should know about.  

Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date And Puja Timings:

Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date: September 06 (Wednesday) 

Hindu Calendar Date: 

Purnimanta – Ashtami of Bhadrapada month (Krishna Paksha) 

Amanta – Ashtami of Shravana month (Krishna Paksha) 

Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Puja Muhurat In Different Indian Cities: 

New Delhi – 11:57 PM to 12:42 AM, Sep 07 

Pune – 12:10 AM to 12:56 AM, Sep 07 

Chennai – 11:44 PM to 12:31 AM, Sep 07 

Kolkata – 11:12 PM to 11:58 PM 

Hyderabad – 11:51 PM to 12:38 AM, Sep 07 

Ahmedabad – 12:15 AM to 01:01 AM, Sep 07 

Noida – 11:56 PM to 12:42 AM, Sep 07 

Jaipur – 12:02 AM to 12:48 AM, Sep 07 

Mumbai – 12:14 AM to 01:00 AM, Sep 07 

Gurgaon – 11:58 PM to 12:43 AM, Sep 07 

Bengaluru – 11:55 PM to 12:41 AM, Sep 07 

Chandigarh – 11:59 PM to 12:44 AM, Sep 07 


Krishna Janmashtami 2023: A Divine Celebration Of Traditions And Rituals 

Janmashtami bursts with fervour and delight. Homes are adorned, new clothes are donned, Krishna temples are visited, and milk-based sweets are offered as Prasad to Laddu Gopal. According to tradition, temples prepare and offer a sumptuous spread of 56 different prasads to Lord Krishna. Devotees worldwide come together to honour Lord Krishna through song, dance and plays that reenact his life. Some even observe a day-long fast, culminating in the preparation of bhog as a heartfelt offering to the deity. 

For some devotees, Janmashtami is observed with a day-long fast, broken only at midnight when Lord Krishna is believed to have been born. The fast culminates in the preparation of bhog. This meal includes a variety of dishes, ranging from sweets like makhan mishri to savoury delicacies like chappan bhog. Milk-based sweets, such as butter, milk, and curd, are the favoured offerings, symbolising Krishna’s fondness for dairy products during his childhood. 


Peda is popularly consumed during Janmashtami. Image Credit: iStock

Here Are 5 Milk-Based Sweet Recipes To Make For Janmashtami 2023:  

1. Makhan Mishri: 

The tales of little Krishna stealing makhan from neighbours have always enticed us. The festival is incomplete without offering Lord Krishna’s favourite sweet in the bhog and indulging in it yourself. Click here for an easy recipe for makhan mishri

2. Peda: 

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna is abuzz with the festivities on this day and Mathura-special peda is enjoyed among all the devotees. This sweet prepared with khoya is truly delightful. Click here for the recipe

3. Kheer: 

Mention milk desserts and kheer is bound to be on the menu. The simple milk and rice preparation is a favourite among Indians and a must in every celebration. But sabudana kheer is the one we choose while fasting. Click here for the recipe for sabudana kheer

4. Kalakand 

This soft and succulent sweet never fails to impress us. The combination of paneer and milk, flavoured with cardamom and rose water is simply terrific. Click here for the recipe for kalakand. 

5. Mishti Doi 

For those who like this curd-based dessert, Janmashtami is the perfect occasion to gorge on it. The Bengali sweet is loved by people across the country. Check this recipe for mishit doi to make it at home. 

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2023! 

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