Kriti Sanon’s Friday Snack Is A Classic Bun With Butter And Jam. Take A Look


Who doesn’t like an evening snack with their coffee or tea? Kriti Sanon surely does. The actress, who is known for her stunning looks and amazing acting chops, was seen indulging in some good old frothy coffee on Friday evening. And, she paired the hot beverage with some steaming buns. Well, the buns did not come alone. The fluffy delight was paired with a generous dollop of jam and butter. We also caught sight of some yummy fried fritters in the background that we are sure Kriti got a bite of. Sharing a video of the same, the actress wrote, “Finally”.

Take a look:


A unique way of eating bread and jam!

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Despite gruelling work schedules, a strict diet and an intense workout routine, Kriti Sanon always manages to sample some of her favourite foods. Recently, while promoting her hit film Mimi, Kriti Sanon was seen digging into some yummy Ghevar. Sharing a video of the delicious dish on Instagram Stories, Kriti wrote, “Ghevar Time. (Yes, I know it’s morning). Mimi promotions are giving me sweet cravings.” The clip shows the classic milky dessert topped with almonds and pistachios in a generous amount. Read about it here.

The actress surely has a sweet tooth. Even for her birthday in July, this year, Kriti Sanon did not hold back on the yummy cakes. She was seen cutting not one but three delicious cakes on the big day. She relished a pink-coloured cake with floral decorations, a blue cake as well as a yummy chocolate cake as well. Check it out here.

But when it comes to comfort food, the actress has a classic choice. She loves to have parathas with butter and more specifically salted butter, Kriti Sanon said in an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. She added that she also loves to dig into a bowl of rajma chawal. Here’s how you make your own bowl of rajma.

Kriti Sanon love for food is evident from her social media posts. Do you share Kriti’s gastronomic tastes? Tell us in the comments.

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