Kriti Sanons “Little Joys Of Life” Include These Popular Desi Foods – See Pics


Kriti Sanon’s love for food is a well-documented affair. From time to time, the actress gives us a sneak peek into her culinary adventures. Her latest Instagram carousel is all about the things that bring her joy. Of course, food is on the list. Wondering which treats she mentioned specifically? In one of the photos, we see a plate with two stuffed parathas. A little smearing of butter on top made it look all the more tempting. In another photo, we saw a cup of tea. Wait, there is more. Kriti wants us to take a look at her snack time post. She relished two samosas with a side of chutney. Guess we’re not the only ones who can’t resist this desi deep-fried delight. Kriti captioned her post, “Little joys of life.. Cuddles, self-love, food, calm, home, sunlight and more food. (I’m a true Punjabi), “ with black heart emojis.

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Take a look at the photos below:

Kriti Sanon often shares delightful food stories on her Instagram profile. Not too long ago, she playfully exposed Shilpa Shetty for deviating from her famous “Sunday Binge” ritual. While on a flight to an undisclosed location, Shilpa was spotted enjoying what seemed to be a relatively healthy sandwich. Seizing the moment, Kriti playfully turned on her mobile camera, asking, “Where is your Sunday Binge today? This is a fake Sunday binge. I do not count it.” Shilpa responded humorously, stating, “It is not a binge. It is a snack. You are being mean to me because you just won the National Award, Kriti.” In a light-hearted banter, Kriti amusingly remarked, “I want the Sunday binge!” Later, she shared the video on her Instagram Stories, captioning it, “Fake Sunday binge! Caught Shilpa Shetty cheating on her Sunday binge!” Click here to read the story in detail.

We can’t wait to see what Kriti Sanon relishes next!

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