Laccha Aloo Sooji Pakoda – A Unique Fried Snack Recipe For A Hearty Evening Meal


Do you know anyone who doesn’t like aloo pakoda? We bet you don’t. First it’s the potato itself that wins our heart with its great flavour and when we get it in a crispy, fried form, it just can’t get any better. Aloo pakoda is one of the most common and the most popular snacks in Indian households. Just slice raw potatoes, dip it in a flour batter and deep fry to make delicious pakoda for a great tea-time meal. Out of all the pakoda varieties that you can make at home, aloo pakoda is one of the few ones that are loved by kids.

If you still want to make something different for yourself or your family for your next ‘pakoda and chai’ meal, this laccha aloo sooji pakoda is the perfect pick. Unlike the regular aloo pakoda, this pakoda has asymmetrical layers of potatoes dipped in a mushy sooji batter before deep frying. Crunchy lacche of aloo give the pakoda an attractive look and a unique texture that everyone in your family will like.

Making laccha aloo sooji pakoda is just as quick and easy as any other pakoda recipe. Pair it with any chutney of your choice or with tomato sauce to present a perfect evening meal. 

Laccha Aloo Sooji Pakoda Recipe:

Click this link to see the step-by-step recipe of laccha aloo sooji pakoda.

Next time your family demands a plateful of pakoda with their cup of tea, surprise them with this unique aloo pakoda dish.

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