List Of Best-Rated Pizza Varieties In The World Is Out. The Pizza On Top Is…


Pizza isn’t just a dish, it’s a slice of heaven for us. Those who love this famous Italian treat would agree that there is nothing quite like it in the culinary world. From being a comfort food to a fulfilling meal, pizza has indeed caught the fancy of people all over. So, when a popular rating website came up with their list of best-rated pizza varieties in the world, we had to sit up and take notice! Take a look at the post shared by Taste Atlas:

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The best-rated pizza variety in the world, according to Taste Atlas, was none other than the classic Margherita. A simple preparation, it is made with a soft pizza dough topped with oodles of marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves. It was named after the Queen of Naples and has been around since nearly 200 years now. Believe it or not, you can actually make this best-rated margherita pizza at home too. Click here for the full recipe.

Other prominent pizzas in the list of best-rated pizzas in the world included the Quattro Formaggio (four cheese), Caprese, and Calzone. Meanwhile, some American pizzas such as Pepperoni, Chicago Thin Crust and Chicago-style Deep Dish also featured on the list.

This is not the only list that Taste Atlas has come up with recently. They had previously shared a list of the top 10 gelato flavours, in which pistachio topped the list. Take a look:

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