Home HEALTH & FITNESS Looking For A Guilt-Free Evening Snack? Try Ragi And Methi Mathri For A Healthy Bite

Looking For A Guilt-Free Evening Snack? Try Ragi And Methi Mathri For A Healthy Bite

Looking For A Guilt-Free Evening Snack? Try Ragi And Methi Mathri For A Healthy Bite


There’s a sense of joy that we feel while having evening snacks. After a hectic day at work, this is the time we look forward to the most. However, most of these evening snacks are laden with ghee or oil. This prevents weight-watchers from indulging in them. But this does not mean that you have to curb your cravings all the time. Instead, we opt for healthier snacks that are made using wholesome ingredients and better cooking methods. If you’re on the hunt for healthy evening snacks, here’s a delicious ragi and methi mathri recipe for you to try. It tastes so good that you won’t be able to stop at just one. The best part? You can enjoy it totally guilt-free! Without further ado, let’s learn how to make it.

What Is Ragi And Methi Mathri?

As the name suggests, this mathri is made with the goodness of ragi and methi. It also includes the use of atta and suji, which further add to its texture and nutrient quotient. Ghee adds richness to the mathri, while black pepper adds a hint of spice. This mathri is baked instead of the traditional deep-frying method. It is low on the calorie count, yet there’s no compromise on flavour. It is perfectly crispy and offers a burst of flavour in every bite. You can enjoy this ragi and methi mathri along with your evening cup of chai or coffee. It’ll definitely be a hit among your family, and you’ll find yourself making it again and again.
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Ragi And Methi Mathri Recipe | How To Make Ragi And Methi Mathri

This recipe for ragi and methi mathri was shared by an Instagram handle that goes by the name @globalvegproject. To begin with, add ragi flour, semolina (suji), whole wheat flour (atta), black pepper, jeera powder, salt, roasted kasuri methi, and a generous amount of ghee to a large bowl. Mix well. Add some water and knead well to form a smooth dough. Now, roll out the dough using a rolling pin. Make sure not to roll it out too thin. It should be of medium thickness. Take a cutter and roll it out into the desired shape. Poke holes into them using a fork and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 15 to 20 minutes. Your ragi and methi mathri are ready to be relished. Watch the detailed recipe video below:

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It looks delicious, right? Make this yummy snack at home and enjoy it with your family during tea time.

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