Looking For A Healthy And Tasty Breakfast Option For Kids? Mushroom Wrap Is What Theyll Love


Waking up early in the morning every day to have a delicious breakfast is quite challenging, and this task becomes even more difficult when children make their demands. It is not easy to feed anything to children when eating the same breakfast items like bread and butter, paratha, or poha every day becomes monotonous. However, skipping breakfast is harmful to our overall health. According to many health experts, a nutritious breakfast not only energises us in the morning but also nourishes us internally. Having a nutritious breakfast is considered very important to maintain energy throughout the day. If you are doing this due to a lack of time, then you can choose some easy and tasty options. Here, we have brought a healthy and tasty recipe for a Mushroom Wrap that, apart from breakfast, you can also prepare as a perfect snack for children.

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Health Benefits of Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are rich in many properties, containing nutrients like protein, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, copper, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Therefore, the consumption of mushrooms can help protect you from many health problems. Including mushrooms in the diet of children is also very beneficial; you can feed mushrooms to children in different ways, out of which a mushroom wrap can prove to be a great option.

The mushroom wrap is straightforward to make. To make this wrap, roti is prepared, and mushrooms are cooked with light spices. After this, the wrap is prepared with the filling of cabbage, tomato, and capsicum. This healthy wrap can be packed for breakfast, snacks, and children’s tiffin as well. So let’s look at its recipe.

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How To Make A Healthy Mushroom Wrap I Healthy Mushroom Wrap Recipe For Kids

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan, add lengthwise chopped onions, and fry for a few seconds. Add ginger-garlic paste and fry it too.

Add 2 cups of mushrooms and fry them. Here, lightly fry capsicum, cabbage, and tomatoes. Add black pepper, oregano, chilli flakes, and salt as per taste.

Fry for a few seconds and then turn off the gas. Now take wheat flour and knead it into soft dough and make parathas.

Spread green chutney and hung curd on the parantha; if you want, you can also add mayonnaise.

Spread the prepared mushroom stuffing and roll it, wrap it in foil, and serve.

Make this healthy and tasty mushroom wrap today and watch your kids enjoy it. 

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