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Love Baking? This Baking Tip Ensures Even Layers And Less Wastage; Details Inside

Love Baking? This Baking Tip Ensures Even Layers And Less Wastage; Details Inside


Who doesn’t love biting into a soft and decadent slice of cake that has a perfect creamy layer and a delicious topping? Well, it is safe to assume that many of you are nodding to yourself thinking ‘I do’. And frankly, we do too! A little too much in fact! There is nothing that a hefty piece of your favourite cake paired with some ice cream won’t fix and we can truly vouch for that. Cakes and baked goods have easily become one of the most loved desserts in the world, hence, many of us have learned the art of baking so we can satiate our cravings as soon as they arise. And, while we beginners make numerous silly mistakes, if there is one common one while making tier cakes, it has to be the layering.

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When you first start, it is common for the layers to be a little uneven. Then comes the stage where you scrape off the top layer in the hope of levelling it, but end up wasting a good amount of cake and your tiers are too small and unappealing. Been there? Well, if you want to avoid these mistakes, here is a baking tip from an expert baker to have the perfectly sized layers for a beautiful homemade tier cake. Julianne is a baker and a cookbook author who has some of the best tips for baking on her Instagram page @beyondfrosting. And while we were looking for a solution to make even and beautiful tier cakes at home, we came across this video by Julianne which was just what we needed.

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Julianne shares that her secret to making perfectly cooked, even and soft tier cakes is to wrap a ‘bake strip’ around the cake tin. It is basically a wet piece of cloth that you wrap around outside the cake tin before you pop it in the oven. Julianne states that the wet strip ensures that the edges do not cook too fast and the middle of the cake, doesn’t doom too high. What this does is ensures that when you are levelling the cake, you have much less wastage and end up with a much softer and easier piece of cake to work with. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you are looking for more baking tips to help you bake the perfect cake, here are 10 foolproof tips that you should always keep in mind when baking at home. Thinking of making a tiered cake soon? Try these tips to make the perfect delicious homemade cake.


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