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Love Chikki In Winter? Try This Dry Fruit Chikki For A Change (Recipe Inside)

Love Chikki In Winter? Try This Dry Fruit Chikki For A Change (Recipe Inside)


The winter season makes us want to snuggle inside our blankets, cancel all social appointments and just watch TV non-stop while munching on snacks. Almost every Indian household gets hooked to chikki or gajak this time of the year. This dry snack is perfect to stack up on our bedside table and munch away anytime in-between-the-meals hunger strikes. Chikki has been around since forever, but we look forward to biting into the crunchy delight at the end of every year, right through Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Lohri, till, well, we can get our hands on it.

Many people also love to make this delight in their own kitchen with all their heart. Doing this can let you explore and make different varieties of chikki, not just the usual peanuts or saunf chikki. Here we have a recipe of dry fruit chikki that fulfils every palate and every craving for a warm, filling, crispy snack in winter. With loads of energy-producing dry fruits, this chikki is perfect to keep warm in winters. Omega 3 fatty acids in the nuts are excellent for brain health and general health.

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Dry Fruit Chikki Recipe: How To Make Dry Fruit Chikki

Cashews, peanuts, almonds and walnuts – all these wonderful dry fruits come together to make this delicious snack. To add to its goodness, honey is used to add sweetness to it. Honey is a healthier sugar substitute imparting its own health-benefitting properties. But that’s not all – the lemon rind is also added for some freshness and zing to this chikki.

Here’s the complete recipe of dry fruit chikki you can try this winter.

The best part about the recipe is that it is super easy to make. First, heat all the dry fruits and saunf together. Keep them aside. Mix sugar and honey along with water and bring everything to a boil till the syrup is made. Add back dry fruits and saunf, and let the mixture cool down and harden to make crispy chikki.

Try this amazing winter-special dry fruit chikki recipe and let us know how you and your family liked it.


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