Love Pav Bhaji? This Recipe Will Let You Make It In Just 10 Minutes For A Flavourful Weekend


The weekend is the time when we like to hang out with our friends and family and watch movies. Everyone enjoys their holiday in their own way, and food is crucial in all these activities. On weekends, we often like to surprise our families by making something special at home. After being busy all week, many people like to eat their favorite dishes on weekends, be it pizza, a burger, pasta, or any other special dish. Everyone may have different tastes in food, but there are some recipes to which people have a special attachment. One such recipe is Pav Bhaji. Being a popular dish in Maharashtra, it has a huge fan following in different parts of the country. Pav Bhaji is a famous street-style food that impresses children and adults alike due to its unique taste.

Pav Bhaji is prepared from a mixture of different vegetables, and the abundant use of spices adds flavour to it. Click here for the pav bhaji masala recipe, which helps make pav bhaji special. 

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Pav bhaji is paired with butter-roasted pav. To make it even tastier, onions, lemon, and green chutney are also added. Generally, it takes some time to make pav bhaji, but if you suddenly start craving pav bhaji, then we have brought an instant pav bhaji recipe, posted by YouTuber Chef Parul on his YouTube channel. This instant pav bhaji can be prepared in just 10 minutes, using a pressure cooker. Now you must be thinking if you will get that street flavor in this instant pav bhaji; our answer is yes. Not only this, it is also a great option for making a special breakfast or lunch for the family on weekends. So without any delay, let’s have a look at its recipe.

How to make Instant Street-Style Pav Bhaji Recipe:

Take 1 tablespoon of oil in a pressure cooker, add one tablespoon of butter and let the butter melt on low-medium heat. Add cumin, onion, and after some time, ginger, garlic, and chili paste, and fry for some time.

In a mixer jar, add Kashmiri red chili, beetroot, and tomatoes together, grind them coarsely. Add this mixture to the onion and fry for a second, then add red chili, coriander powder, and salt and mix it well.

After this, add finely chopped carrots, chopped cauliflower, beans, capsicum, and peas, and mix it well. Add pav bhaji masala, mix everything well, add water, cover the pressure cooker with a lid, and cook until 6 whistles.

After the pressure is released, open the cooker and with the help of a masher, mash all the ingredients well and cook on low flame for a few seconds. Now heat oil and butter in a tadka pan, add some green chilies and green coriander and pour the prepared tadka on the bhaji.

Fry the pav in butter and serve it with hot bhaji.

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Watch the recipe video of Instant Street-Style Pav Bhaji here:

Isn’t it such an interesting method? Now, without hours of hard work, prepare delicious pav bhaji in just a few minutes and enjoy a yummy delight during the with your family.

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