Home HEALTH & FITNESS Malaika Arora Begins Her “21-Day Cleanse” With This Healthy Drink – See Pic

Malaika Arora Begins Her “21-Day Cleanse” With This Healthy Drink – See Pic

Malaika Arora Begins Her “21-Day Cleanse” With This Healthy Drink – See Pic


Malaika Arora always inspires us with her fitness and healthy eating habits. She often shares glimpses of it with her fans on social media. Now, if you’ve been feeling bloated after indulging in mithai during the festive season, the Bollywood diva might have a solution for you. She is back again with another of her healthy posts, this time featuring a detox drink. Malaika shared the photo on her Instagram Stories. In the post, we could spot a green drink in a clear glass that had a steel straw in it. The emojis in her caption indicated that her drink was made with green apple, spinach, pineapple, ginger, and lemon. The text alongside the picture mentioned a “21-day cleanse.” Take a look:
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If you are inspired to embark on a cleanse like Malaika Arora, here are some detox drinks that can work wonders for you:

1. Pink Salt-Ginger Detox Water

Start your day with a refreshing twist by infusing water with a pinch of pink salt and a hint of invigorating ginger. Not only does this concoction hydrate you, but it also supports digestion, making it an ideal choice for a revitalising detox Click here for the recipe.

2. Ginger Litchi Lemonade

Elevate your hydration routine with ginger litchi lemonade. The combination of zesty ginger with the sweetness of litchi creates a wonderful flavour profile. It is quite refreshing and super easy to make. Recipe here.

3. Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

Embrace a moment of calm with a comforting cup of honey lemon ginger tea. The soothing blend of honey, lemon, and ginger not only creates a warm and inviting beverage but also offers potential immune-boosting benefits. Want the recipe? Click here.

4. Orange-Carrot Ginger Detox

Transform your detox routine with the vibrant orange-carrot ginger detox. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this flavourful blend not only delights your taste buds but also offers a refreshing way to enhance your nutrient intake and support overall well-being.. Detailed recipe here.

5. Coconut Water With Lemon and Mint

Immerse yourself in the tropical goodness of coconut water with lemon and mint. This hydrating elixir combines the natural electrolytes of coconut water with the citrusy zest of lemon and the cooling essence of mint, creating a revitalising beverage that not only quenches your thirst but also invigorates your senses. Click here for the recipe.


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