Malaika Arora Did Her “Sunday Brekkie” Right With A Creamy Sandwich


Malaika Arora is a big-time foodie. She frequently shares sneak peeks of her gastronomical adventures, which leaves us drooling. Today, on her Instagram Stories, Malaika posted a picture of her Sunday breakfast—a delicious sandwich. The toast was covered with a generous amount of a creamy avocado spread, followed by slices of flavoursome meat and perfectly cooked eggs. It was topped with salt, pepper and some greens. The combination of creamy avocado, savoury meat, and soft yolk creates a mouthwatering sensation. Malaika’s breakfast was not only visually appealing but also a wholesome and nutritious choice to start the day. “Sunday brekkie done right,” she wrote as the caption. Take a look here: 


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We love how Malaika Arora paired taste with health for her breakfast meal. You can very well do the same. We have handpicked 5 healthy and delicious breakfast options that you can make right in your home. 

Here’re 5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes: 

1. Masala Oats:

A popular and nutritious dish that brings together the goodness of oats and a medley of aromatic spices. This flavourful combination provides a savoury twist, making it a satisfying and healthy experience. Best part? it is quick and easy to prepare. Click here for the full recipe. 

2. Club sandwich:

This sandwich is a satisfying choice for those seeking a nutritious meal. Packed with lean protein, crisp vegetables, and whole-grain bread, it offers a balanced combination of flavours and textures while keeping the calorie intake in check. For the recipe, click here.

    3. Coconut and chia seed pudding:

    Starting your day with a dessert is just perfect. The concoction of creamy coconut and chia seeds creates a satisfying and healthy treat that is both refreshing and indulgent. Recipe here.

      4. Spinach pancakes:

      We are presenting a vibrant and nutritious twist on the traditional pancake. Packed with iron and vitamins, the addition of spinach adds a fresh, earthy flavour and a vibrant green hue to the pancakes, making them a wholesome and visually appealing choice. Get the full recipe here

        5. Breakfast Salad:

        Breakfast salad is a flavourful combination of nutrition and taste. Mix some sausages, potatoes, and sunny-side-up eggs with a zesty dressing. This satisfying dish brings together savoury and tangy flavours, making it a delightful treat. Recipe here. 

          Try out these breakfast options and let us know your favourite. 

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