Home HEALTH & FITNESS Malaika Arora Enjoys Delicious Homemade Food, Courtesy Her Mother

Malaika Arora Enjoys Delicious Homemade Food, Courtesy Her Mother

Malaika Arora Enjoys Delicious Homemade Food, Courtesy Her Mother


Malaika Arora’s love for food is a well-documented affair. The platter becomes even more delicious when prepared by her mother, Joycee Arora. Time and again, her Instagram Stories have shown her appreciation for home-cooked meals. Once again, the diva has shared a picture of ‘ghar ka khana,’ and we can all relate. On the half-eaten plate, we can see rice, aloo ki sabzi, some greens, and fish. Expressing heartfelt gratitude to her mother, Malaika captioned the post warmly: “Momsy, you are the bestestest,” accompanied by a red heart emoji. This post not only showcases Malaika’s ongoing culinary joys but also highlights the enduring bond with her mother’s foodie creations. Take a look:
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Malaika Arora has more than one reason to celebrate today. Alongside savouring the comfort of a home-cooked meal, she also marked the first birthday of her pet dog, Duffy. She shared a picture featuring her canine companion and a birthday cake. The cake, shaped like a bone, was topped with frosting in vibrant orange, yellow, and blue hues. It featured small floral designs in yellow and orange colours, a miniature dog, and the name “DUFFY” at the center. In one corner, a birthday wish, “Happy birthday to you,” added a festive touch.

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Malaika Arora consistently motivates us with her commitment to fitness and nutritious dietary choices. A few days ago, she shared a snapshot of a detox beverage in her Instagram Stories. The image showcased a vibrant green drink in a clear glass with a steel straw. Emojis in her caption hinted at the ingredients, including green apple, spinach, pineapple, ginger, and lemon. The accompanying text referenced a “21-day cleanse,” shedding light on Malaika’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Read the full story here.
Not too long ago, Malaika Arora teased our taste buds with yet another delectable home-cooked meal courtesy of her mother, Joycee Arora. What did she cook, you ask? A bowl full of what appeared to be a chicken dish garnished with basil leaves. Expressing her joy, the actress shared a snapshot of her meal and tagged her mother in Instagram Stories. In her caption, she expressed, “Momsy your khana is food for the soul in my stomach.” Full story here.

Malaika Arora’s foodilicious adventures are always a treat for our eyes. We cannot wait for more foodie tales that highlight the culinary connection between this mother-daughter duo.


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