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Malaika Arora Makes Monday Better With Some Tasty Sindhi Food

Malaika Arora Makes Monday Better With Some Tasty Sindhi Food


The Indian food culture is diverse. One Bollywood actress who gives us a glimpse of it – through Instagram uploads — is Malaika Arora. While her heart sings for South Indian food (obviously), the entrepreneur is equally inclined towards exploring other cuisines like Maharashtrian, and Bengali among others. Oh! Did we miss Sindhi food? In her latest foodie update on Instagram, Malaika Arora gave us a glimpse of her indulgence. Summing it up perfectly, she wrote, “Sindhi on my plate.” First and foremost, we absolutely love Malaika Arora’s cutlery: white plate, with dense floral detailing in the shade of dusty blue. It consisted of a small serving of rice, with some aloo gravy, sindhi papad and some pickle. Our eagle eyes also spotted a glass bottle, placed next to her plate, with the text “Sindh in a jar.” 

“Sindhi on my plate….[red heart emoji],” Malaika Arora captioned the post. She thanked her friends producer Sonu Lakhwani and Manisha for always “pampering” her. 


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Sonu Lakhwani re-shared Malaika’s thank you post. He replied with a gif reading, “Always welcome.” 

Malaika Arora’s last food entry was two days ago. The actress confessed that she is going to miss a particular finger food from a Mumbai restaurant. She was talking about crispy fries, topped with oregano. Malaika posted a photograph of the yummy snack on Instagram Stories. In the caption, she wrote, “Gonna miss these fries.” Read the full story here.

Malaika Arora never fails to share foodie cues with fans as well. Previously, the actress revealed that she found the “best sabudana khichdi.” She shared a photograph of a bowl of sabudana khichdi with a slice of lemon on her Instagram Stories. Read all about it here.

During her Delhi visit in July, Malaika Arora ditched the quintessential Chole Bhature for this household favourite dish. She even called it her “staple” choice when in the capital city. Any guesses? Check out what it was here.


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