Home HEALTH & FITNESS Malaika Arora Shares What Her “Kinda Comfort Food” Looks Like (Pic Inside)

Malaika Arora Shares What Her “Kinda Comfort Food” Looks Like (Pic Inside)

Malaika Arora Shares What Her “Kinda Comfort Food” Looks Like (Pic Inside)


Malaika Arora’s killer moves have been gracing us for decades! From “anarkali disco chali” to “chaiyya chaiyya“, her item songs have been an iconic part of Indian cinema! Watching all her videos have made us wonder, what does she eat to stay this fit and athletic? One would think that she remains on a strict diet and only eat salads and soup, but it turns out that Malaika Arora is a big foodie! Believe it or not, the truth is that Malaika eats whatever she wants whenever she wants, and she doesn’t shy away from telling her fans all about it.

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With over 16.2 million followers on Instagram, Malaika Arora loves to show her follower what she eats in a day, and, to much surprise, she is a big fan of simple and homecooked food. Don’t worry, we have proof of Malaika Arora’s love for a comforting and homemade meal. Take a look:


In Malaika Arora’s Instagram story, we spotted the icon indulging in a variety of yummy delicacies. Her plate had dal-chawal, fried fish and a dry sabzi. Behind her plate were bowls full of more dal, sabzi and rice. When it comes to dal chawal, it seems Malaika Arora loves to indulge in a second serving. She accompanied her image with the caption below:

“My kinda comfort food…always in a bowl…#homemade.”

Dal-chawal is an extremely popular combination within our country. This wholesome and comforting meal is what we usually eat on most days! Fish lovers thoroughly enjoy pairing fish fry with dal-chawal, and it seems like Malaika Arora loves it too! Looking at Malaika’s scrumptious meal has made us crave this comforting meal! If you are sharing the same cravings, here are recipes that will help you recreate this meal yourself:

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What do you think of Malaika Arora’s comfort meal? Do share your thought in the comments section below!


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