Malaika Arora Starts The Week With Dish Cooked By Her Mother. Calls It “Food For The Soul”


Malaika Arora’s culinary tales often involve her mother, Joycee Arora. She plays a significant role in Malaika’s food-loving adventures. Whether it is preparing a special Onam Sadhya meal or enjoying a meal out together in Goa, the mother-daughter duo share their mutual love for food. This time, Joycee Arora whipped up something special for our beloved Bollywood star. What is it, you ask? A bowl full of what appears to be a dry chicken dish, garnished with basil leaves. The actress could not help but share her delight on her latest Instagram Stories. She posted a picture of her meal and tagged her mother while writing, “Momsy ur khana is food for the soul in my stomach,” accompanied by some red heart emojis.
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Malaika Arora has mastered the art of balancing her love for food with a commitment to health and nutrition. Just a couple of days ago, she tantalised our taste buds with two wholesome and nutritious meals. In the first image, she presented a bowl of sliced dragon fruit. Following that, she treated us to a rich, brown smoothie generously sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. Her hashtags revealed that this delectable creation was none other than a homemade vegan protein smoothie bowl. To read the full story, click here.

A few weeks ago, Malaika Arora shared her dining experience from Goa. Through a series of Instagram Stories, she kept us well-informed about her sumptuous feast. The culinary journey began with a video capturing the unveiling of kebabs. What set this presentation apart was the clever use of papad as a creative cover for these savoury delights. Using a ladle, the chef gracefully broke the papad and revealed the mouthwatering kebabs concealed beneath. The next image transported us to a feast fit for royalty, featuring a hearty spread that included mutton curry, tandoori chapati, and a bowl filled with a creamy dip. As if that weren’t enough, Malaika concluded her dinner on a sweet and indulgent note. Her dessert of choice was none other than a gulab jamun, generously covered with rabdi. Full story here.

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