Man Adds Kit Kat, Ice Cream And More To Make Chocolate Pani Puri


We all have been familiarised with weird food combinations that have taken over the Internet lately. In the bid to stand out, street vendors come up with the most bizarre ideas for making some peculiar dishes. These include everything from mango Maggi and gulab jamun waffles to masala jalebi and dal makhani ice cream rolls. No matter how many of these fusions we have seen, they just don’t stop coming. It seems that nothing will remain untouched by this wave of culinary innovation as even our favourite pani puri has been converted into an odd dessert.
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A video has come to light where a vendor prepares “chocolate pani puri” using ingredients you wouldn’t expect to find in this popular street food item. Uploaded on Instagram, the clip begins with the vendor taking out some chocolate-coated puris from a jar and placing a couple of them on a plate. He then pokes holes in the puris and proceeds to stuff them with pieces of Oreo biscuit. No, he is not done yet. The puris are then filled with some spoons of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup is also drizzled over it. The vendor gives his final touch by placing Kit Kat chocolate on the pani puri before serving it. Watch the full reel below:

The clip garnered more than one lakh views on the platform and prompted many users to question the fusion. Some seemed appalled by this version of pani puri. “These so-called fusions have damaged the authenticity of original food!” a user wrote. One person said that it was a “total waste” while another asked why the snack was ruined. Here are some of the other reactions:

“Ye kisne golgappe kharab kiye?”
“Please don’t do this with panipuri and request you not promote these kinds of foods also !!! I can keep another name for this dessert but don’t say pani puri.”
“Horlicks pani puri, redbul pani puri, coca cola pani puri, whisky pani puri, chicken nugget pain puri, chicken biryani pani puri aur kya baki reh gaya.”

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Of course, this isn’t the first time chocolate has been added to something unexpected. Last month, a video did rounds where a man makes a Dairy Milk omelette. He prepares the omelettes by adding usual ingredients such as butter, green chillies, and tomatoes but also grates Dairy Milk chocolate over it.
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