Man’s Close Shave With Tiger Caught On Camera Near Corbett National Park


Man's Close Shave With Tiger Caught On Camera Near Corbett National Park

The tiger seemed completely unbothered by the presence of a human.

A  startling encounter between a man and a tiger in a residential area in Uttarakhand, near the Jim Corbett National Park is now going viral on social media. The gripping video, shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Parveen Kaswan, captures an unsuspecting man strolling down a road adjacent to the National Park. Within seconds, a tiger is seen sprinting across the same road, leading to a swift reaction from the man who turns around and flees the scene.

The clip, which was shared on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, has surprised the IFS officer, as the tiger seemed completely unbothered by the presence of a human. In his tweet, Mr Kaswan referred to the person in the video as “the luckiest man alive”.

The now-viral video that doesn’t have audio begins with the man walking on the road with a bag in his hands. A little into the clip, the man can be seen running back. Just a few seconds later, the tiger can be seen coming out of the wilderness and crossing the road. Soon after this, the video shows the passerby talking to locals about the predator.

Parveen Kaswan shared the clip with the text, “Is he the luckiest man alive? Tiger seems least bothered. From Corbett.”

Pointing out the tiger’s unbothered behaviour towards the man, the internet claimed that the animal was more afraid than the human. A comment read, “Tiger more scared of man than man of tiger. That tells a true story on who is scarier.”

A few agreed with Parveen Kaswan and said he is truly blessed by the goddess, as a user wrote, “Indeed!! Grace of Devi on him.”

A few days back, the IFS Officer dropped a video that exhibited the disturbing behaviour of a group of tourists on a safari in front of a tiger.

It is still unknown where the clip was recorded as Parveen Kaswan received it via WhatsApp, he said. The clip shows the tourist group making an uneasy situation for the tiger as it is walking along the side of the road.

The video was shared on December 5 on X (formerly Twitter), with the text, “Tiger safari somewhere, video via WhatsApp. What tiger must be thinking??”

The incident left the internet displeased with many condemning the tourists’ actions as inexcusable.

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