Metro Passenger Felt Hungry While Travelling – What Happened Next Will Make You Smile


Travelling to our place of work or study every day can be an exhausting exercise. Working professionals and students often lament that much of their time goes into commuting to their respective workplaces or educational institutions. During this time, hunger pangs often strike which leaves us craving a quick snack or maybe a fulfilling meal. Recently, a Reddit user shared her experience of travelling in the metro in Hyderabad when she suddenly started to feel hungry. She was complaining to a friend about food cravings when a kind stranger stepped in and did something special for her. Take a look at the post here:

Just something good in metro
by u/Prudent-Action3511 in hyderabad

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The Reddit post was shared in the subreddit r/Hyderabad by user u/Prudent-Action3511, who narrated the experience just a day ago. In a short span of time, it has received hundreds of upvotes and comments. In the post, the passenger narrated how she was going home from Raidurg via the Hyderabad metro and was complaining to her friends about how hungry she was feeling. Meanwhile, a kind stranger overheard her and actually went ahead to offer her some food! “A minute later this nice lady sitting beside us just asks us if we’re hungry. We look at each other’s faces and I nod,” she narrated in her post. The lady then offered pulihora (tamarind rice) and pomegranate to the hungry students which they eagerly ate. The lady even offered that they keep the boxes! “She insisted I keep it but I still thanked her and gave it back. She was just so sweet and this literally made my day! I hope we all do random acts of kindness like this,” concluded the post.
A number of Reddit users poured in their thoughts in the comments section. “You know what you have to do? Return the favour, if you see anyone feeling bad the next time, you do the same. Try to comfort them in any way you can,” suggested one user. “Reading stuff like this makes me feel nice,” said another.
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