Mexico University Breaks World Record Of Baking The Longest Breadline


They say cooking is an art. And, most of us will agree with this statement. Be it boiling eggs or preparing an elaborate meal for your loved ones at home, cooking needs a lot more than just ingredients. And, it gets all the more jazzed up when there is competition involved. Or, if you are about to set a world record. Something similar happened with the students at the Universidad Vizcaya Mexicali in Baja California. They broke the Guinness World Record by arranging 14,360 fresh-baked bread loaves into a line measuring 2.8 miles long (over 4.8km). Students created a record-breaking line of freshly baked bread, to celebrate the Three Kings Feast Day on January 6. They baked 14,360 loaves of rosca de reyes bread, also called King’s Cake. 

Universidad Vizcaya Mexicali has shared a video of the moment when they were awarded the Guinness World Record on Instagram. The clip also captured the workers and volunteers cheering after achieving the feat. The caption, which was written in Spanish roughly translated to, “We did it! After more than 90 hours of continuous work, the University of Vizcaya officially breaks the Guinness Record for the longest breadline in the world from the city of Mexicali with the great support of Campus Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada. Congrats boys.”

Watch the clip here. 

In another post on the university’s Instagram account, we got a sneak peek into the preparation. The Spanish caption roughly translated to, “Talent Boy. Our students continue their best effort for the Rosca de Reyes now from Campus Playa del Carmen.” 

Watch the video here: 

The previous record was also set in Mexico in 2020. Last time, the Yucatecan city of Tizimin celebrated King’s Day by baking a festive pastry measuring 9,874 feet (3.2 km) long which set a new world record for the longest line of bread. The city council, reportedly, enlisted three local bakeries to work together to cook up  rosca de reyes, aka Three Kings Bread. 

The bread, baked by the Yucatecan city of Tizimin, took the Guinness World Record from the city of Saltillo, which in January 2019 cooked up a rosca de reyes of 6,776.3 feet long. 

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