Mira Rajput Enjoys Her Favourite Snack And It Is Super Healthy Too


Do you keep a track of Mira Rajput’s food activities? Well, we do. And it’s time to bookmark another page. This time, Mira has shared her favourite snack indulgence and we think it’s yummy as well as high on health quotient. Guess what it is? Let us spill it for you. Mira was digging into a sweet and delicious custard apple, which is also called sharifa or sitaphal, in Hindi. For the unversed, the season for custard apple lasts for only two to three months. And the ones who like the fruit should make the most of it, just like Mira Kapoor, who doesn’t want to miss out on these sweet treats. She shared a glimpse of her indulgence on her Instagram Stories and wrote, “Fav snack”, with a heart emoji.

Have a look:


Mira Rajput’s content on Instagram speak volumes about her love for food. By now, we know how particular she is about her meals. This is not it. Mira is equally obsessed with her kitchen arrangements. How do we know? Once again, her Instagram Stories have done all the talking. She recently shared photograph of a properly arranged kitchen, featuring jars loaded with kitchen ingredients. The photo featured the jars lined up in what appears to be a kitchen drawer.

“My kitchen obsession is real,” she captioned the image.


Not just spices, her stock of pulses is oh-so-relatable! As we move to Mira Rajput’s next Instagram Story, we could spot a series of jars with different types of pulses stored in them. We could spot kidney beans, yellow lentils, black-eyed peas, black gram lentils, among others.


Mira Rajput is a fitness enthusiast and a self-proclaimed vegetarian. Every time, she leaves us drooling over her delicious indulgences and we aren’t complaining at all. Please don’t get fooled by her envious body and healthy diet. Like all of us, she too has some cheat days. Don’t believe us? Take a look at her enjoying pav bhaji with cheese while enjoying a sunset.

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