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Mom Saves Her Tupperware, Packs Kids Food In Shopping Bag – See Funny Post

Mom Saves Her Tupperware, Packs Kids Food In Shopping Bag – See Funny Post


This is the story of every house and the plight of every mother – tiffin boxes not returning home. We have all been there. Going back home without our lunch boxes to fuming mothers, and if it’s Tupperware, you’ll hear no end of it. It’s just natural for all mothers to be super possessive about their Tupperware, given it comes at a high price. They make it a point to remind us to be careful about the containers lest we lose them. And more often than not, we end up disappointing them. But one mother lost complete trust in her child and decided to save her Tupperware. Here’s what she did. 

A person posted a picture on Facebook, sharing how their mother chose to protect her Tupperware collection. She packed food in plastic bags of a fashion brand ‘Shein’ that sends their products in for home deliveries. “When your mom doesn’t trust you with her Tupperware anymore,” the caption of the Facebook post read. 
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Check out the post: 

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The relatable post is now almost viral with 299K likes and more than 30K comments. The post represents the situation of every household when it comes to expensive plasticware used for packing food. Other Facebook users tagged their friends and family members and left some funny, interesting comments. 

“Mama sending us with containers and has never gotten 1 back.” 

“If you brought back her Tupperware, she would not mistrust you…would she?”  

“You have such a bad track record with Tupperware.” 

“The way some of those clothes come out smelling, I don’t know if I’d eat it.” 

“She won’t even give you a zip lock bag?”  

“What a great idea.” 

“I am going to send you to work like this.” 

“This is going to be you all since I never return Tupperware.” 

“And I for a second thought have Shein started selling food.” 

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Do you also relate to this story and understand the universal obsession of moms with Tupperware?  

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