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Monsoon Immunity: 5 Kadha Recipes To Boost Immunity This Monsoon Season

Monsoon Immunity: 5 Kadha Recipes To Boost Immunity This Monsoon Season


The monsoon season brings joy, happiness, and a much-needed break from the summer heatwaves. As much as it is a matter of rejoicing, it is a matter of concern as well. Wondering why? Well, it’s because the monsoon brings a myriad of infections. For example, cold, cough, flu, viral fever, dengue and more. Hence, it is important to take care of your health more than anything else. A strong and healthy immunity not only helps prevent several infections but also lowers the effects. Considering this, here we bring you 5 kadha recipes that are perfect to boost immunity this monsoon season. Besides boosting immunity, these herbal concoctions are very beneficial for overall health too. Take a look.

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Here’re 5 Kadha Recipes To Boost Immunity This Monsoon Season:

1. Tulsi-Haldi Kadha

Let’s start with the most famous kadha recipe. Tulsi and Haldi are the two star ingredients that are enough to keep the infections at bay, add a sweetener of your choice, and boil. To make this, all you need is just four ingredients- tulsi leaves, turmeric powder, honey/jaggery, and that’s all. Click here for the recipe.


2. Spiced Kadha

Next up we bring you an easy immunity-boosting kadha recipe that can be prepared with some common herbs and spices like tulsi, ginger, turmeric, mulethi, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves. Find the recipe here.

3. Kadha Chai

Craving tea? We found a kadha chai recipe that will not only curb your tea cravings but will also help boost your health from within. Click here for the recipe.

4. Mulethi Chai

Here we find another amazing chai recipe. Mulethi root is an ancient herb with a myriad of health benefits. Besides, it is known to be high in antioxidants, antifungal, and antiviral compounds, resulting in minimising the risk of colds, coughs, and other seasonal infections. Read here.

5. Giloy Kadha

“Giloy, also known as Tinospora Cordifolia, is a herb that has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages”, says Delhi-based Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat. In fact, this herb is also deemed great for boosting immunity. Read about it here.

Add these kadhas to your monsoon diet and let us know how you liked them in the comment section below.


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