Mumbai Man Orders Dosa, Gets Aloo Masala Separately. What He Did Next Will Impress You


The ease of ordering food and getting it delivered right to our doorstep has made like so much more convenient. The readymade food is just ready to devour and we love not making any effort for it. But one man got his food in an unusual way that needed to be put together. Instead of sulking, he turned around the meal to make two dishes! The man who goes by the name ‘Ramki’ on Twitter, shared his experience with his followers and they were quite amused and impressed by his creativity. 

Ramki ordered Masala Dosa from a Mumbai eatery called ‘Krishna Chhaya’. The restaurant delivered the dosa and the potato filling separately. Ramki came up with a brilliant idea to continue enjoying his favourite south Indian dish for another day. He ate just the dosa that was delivered and made masala dosa at home the next day with the leftover aloo filling. Genius, we must say. 

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Ramki wrote in his tweet: “Main bhi food blogger. I ordered a masala dosa from Krishna Chhaya yesterday. They sent the dosa and masala separately. I ate the dosa. Refrigerated the masala. And made my own masala dosas at home today. Ohoho! 

The post gathered over 62k views and several comments. Many of the users applauded the poster for the innovation, some even asked him for tips to make the dosa at home. Ramki replied in one of the tweets, “Indeed! Today’s leftovers are tomorrow’s innovation challenge.” 

One person shared his own story of using the aloo masala separately to make two meals. Check this post and see what he did with it: 

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In a follow-up post, Ramki gave a suggestion to all dosa lovers out there. Check it out: 

And there were some people who explained why the restaurant separated the filling in their delivery. This reasoning makes sense:

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Have you used the aloo filling of dosa to cook up a separate dish? What did you do with it? Share in the comments below. 


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