Home GLOBAL NEWS Mysterious giant Steel monolith spotted in Wales, UK – Times of India

Mysterious giant Steel monolith spotted in Wales, UK – Times of India

Mysterious giant Steel monolith spotted in Wales, UK – Times of India


NEW DELHI: A mysterious 10-foot-tall steel monolith was spotted in Hay bluff area famous for its Hills in Wales sparking speculation in locals and experts.
Shaped like a giant Toblerone the giant steel block was spotted by some locals in the area, as reported by New York Post.
One of the local Richard Haynens said, ” I thought it looked a bit bizzare and might be a scientific media research things collecting rainwater. But then realized it was way too tall and strange for that. Then I went up to it and it was about 10-foot-tall at least and triangular, definitely stainless steel. It was hollow and I imagine pretty light. Light enough for two people to carry it up and plant it in the ground.”
The structure made of stainless steel appeared to be hollow and light enough for two people to carry and plant.
The pictures of this mysterious monolith have sparked various conspiracy theories online. Some people believe it’s the work of aliens, while others think it’s an elaborate piece of undercover artwork.
This isn’t the first time such structures have appeared globally, causing intense public curiosity.
Before the Wales sighting, similar monoliths had been discovered in different parts of the world. Theories about their origins ranged from marketing ploys to extraterrestrials.
In February 2021, a 10-foot-tall metal slab with a cryptic message appeared in Turkey, but it was later revealed to be a government stunt promoting Turkey’s new space program. Similar structures in Utah and California in 2020 were found to be the creations of an artist group from New Mexico.
In the same year, a silver monolith appeared on the Isle of Wight, drawing locals to the site. Another massive steel monolith showed up in Romania in November 2020, and the government stated that it was unknown who placed it there. These unusual sightings continue to fuel speculation and capture the public’s imagination.


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