Navratri 2023: Follow These 7 Tips to Make Perfect Singhare Ki Poori


Chaitra Navratri 2023 is around the corner. Navratri is a nine-day Hindu festival celebrated in many states across the country. Chaitra Navratri generally falls in March-April, and this year Navratri starts on March 22nd and ends on March 30th. During Navratri, people worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga, and devotees observe the fast of Navratri with full faith. During this period, people eat sattvic food that does not include garlic and onions. On the other hand, fasting people consume items like sago, potatoes, buckwheat dumplings, water chestnut flour, milk, and curd. If you are also thinking of observing a fast this time and want to make something special during the fast, then here we have brought the complete recipe for Singhanre aata poori.

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There are two types of flour that are consumed during fasting, one is kuttu aata (buckwheat flour), and the other is singhara aata (water chestnut flour). Singhara aata is lighter than kuttu. While kuttu flour provides warmth, singhara aata is known for its cooling properties. But both flours are used in a number of dishes. Today, we are going to share a vrat special poori recipe made from singhara aata. Singhara flour is a bit difficult to adjust, so making poori with it is not an easy task for everyone. Here we are going to tell you some such tips that will help you make these puris perfectly even if you want to make them for the first time during fasting. So let’s have a look at these special tips:

Singhare Aate Ki Poori Recipe Tips: How to Make Perfect Pooris During Navratri

Singhare Aate Ki Poori is a popular dish during the Navratri fast. However, making perfect pooris using singhara flour can be a bit challenging due to the flour’s unique properties. Here are some tips that will help you make perfect singhara aate ki pooris:

  1. Use Mashed Potatoes for Binding

One of the main ingredients of singhara aate ki poori is mashed potatoes. It gives the flour the necessary binding, making it easier to roll the dough and fry the poori.

  1. Use Less Water

Excess water can make the dough sticky, and you may face difficulty while rolling the poori. Therefore, it’s essential to use less water while kneading the dough.

  1. Knead the Dough Well

Kneading the dough well is crucial to make perfect singhara aate ki poori. Make sure you knead the dough thoroughly to ensure that the flour and the potatoes are well-mixed.

  1. Mix Flour Well with Potatoes

To ensure that less water is used in the flour, try kneading the flour well by mixing it with mashed potatoes. This will give the poori a crisp texture and enhance its taste.

  1. Knead Singhara Flour Hard

Singhara flour needs to be kneaded hard to get the right consistency for the poori. Therefore, knead the flour thoroughly to ensure that the dough is of the right texture.

  1. Rest the Dough

After kneading the dough, rest it for 10 minutes. This is important to make sure that the pooris are crack-free.

  1. Roll Pooris Lightly

Rolling the pooris with light hands is essential to ensure that they puff up when fried. Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough and fry them until they are crispy and light brown.

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Singhare Aate Ki Poori Recipe: How to Make Singhare Aate Ki Poori

  1. Take one cup of singhara aata in a big bowl, add three medium-sized boiled mashed potatoes, half tsp rock salt, and coriander leaves. If you like spices in it, you can also add some spices of your choice. Mix all the ingredients well.
  2. Knead the dough with potatoes. If needed, use a little bit of water. Rest the dough for 10 minutes.
  3. In between, heat the oil/ghee.
  4. After 10 minutes, make pooris and fry them until crispy and light brown.
  5. Your singhare aate ki poori is ready to serve. 

By following these tips, you can make perfect singhara aate ki pooris during Navratri. Don’t forget to pair the pooris with aloo ki sabzi to enjoy this delicious dish.

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