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Neena Gupta Loves Desi Food For Breakfast And We Have Proof

Neena Gupta Loves Desi Food For Breakfast And We Have Proof


Let’s admit, nothing can beat the flavours of desi food. It provides comfort and satisfaction that no other cuisine can match. Not just us, but our favourite Bollywood celebrities are also passionate about Indian treats. And, we are happy to announce that veteran actress Neena Gupta agrees with us here. The actress has shared a picture of her Saturday breakfast and left us hungry. Wondering what she relished? She went for some delicious-looking Indore-style poha. In the picture, we see poha served with chopped onions, sev and pomegranate. Don’t miss the signature masala sprinkled on poha. Sharing the pic, Neena Gupta simply wrote, “Indore style poha”.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/ neena_gupta

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Neena Gupta seems to especially love having desi food for breakfast. How do we know? She frequently gives her Instagram family a glimpse of her morning meal. Often, these feature classic and wholesome Indian delicacies. For instance, a while back, she started her morning with a tasty moong dal paratha and we couldn’t stop ourselves from drooling. Read the full story here

Piping hot parathas served with oodles of white butter and a bowl of curd are too delicious to miss. Neena Gupta has also made us crave gobhi ka paratha in the past. With winter kicking in, how can we not try this wholesome breakfast delight? For recipes, click here.

Another time Nina Gupta gave us breakfast goals was when she savoured “methi [fenugreek] aur doodhi [bottle gourd] ka thepla.” Sounds like a healthy delight, doesn’t it? While the famous Gujarati thepla typically contains methi, the addition of dudhi is sure to provide a nutritional boost. Needless to say, we were inspired to eat better after seeing Neena Gupta’s choices. Check out the full story here

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