Neena Gupta Relishes This Soulful Desi Dish For Breakfast – Any Guesses?


No matter how fancy we go with our meals, there is an unrivaled taste and satisfaction in a home-cooked soulful dish. There is just something about coming back home and indulging in a comforting bowl of dal chawal. And guess what? The legendary Neena Gupta agrees to it wholeheartedly. Need proof of her love for home-cooked goodness? Just peek at her recent Instagram Stories. The star treated her followers to a mouthwatering image of thepla, generously adorned with buttery goodness. She didn’t stop there. Neena Gupta has spilled the flavour beans in her caption, proudly declaring it as “methi [fenugreek] aur doodhi [bottle gourd] ka thepla.” It’s a delicious reminder that even Bollywood stars find solace in the simple pleasures of a homemade meal, just like all of us. Take a look at Neena Gupta’s plate of thepla below:
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Neena Gupta is a true foodie at heart. She keeps us hooked on to her social media updates. Just recently, she satisfied her sweet tooth cravings and shared her cheela love on Instagram. In her Instagram Stories, she tantalised our taste buds with a delightful image of cheela, and guess what flavour won her heart? It was none other than “Gud ka cheela”, where the goodness of jaggery takes centre stage. To read the full story, click here.
Some time back, the iconic actress embarked on a European adventure that included stops in Italy and the South of France. She even graced the women’s Wimbledon final alongside her husband during the trip. After basking in the beauty of Europe and indulging in some well-deserved relaxation, the actress returned home. And what was the first thing on her mind? You guessed it, some delicious desi food. Her plate was a delightful medley of summer treats, featuring a refreshing Moong Dal salad. It’s clear that no matter where she travels, the allure of home-cooked Indian cuisine remains irresistible to Neena Gupta. Full story here.
On the work front, Neena Gupta will soon be seen in Vishal Bhardwaj’s web-series ‘Charlie Chopra’. 

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