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Nostalgia Alert! 5 Popular Tiffin Meals That Every 90s Kid Will Relate To

Nostalgia Alert! 5 Popular Tiffin Meals That Every 90s Kid Will Relate To


If you’re someone who grew up in the ’90s, you’d agree there was something extremely special about that time. For many people, there is a sense of nostalgia associated with that decade and we often find ourselves reminiscing about those days even today. From fancy dress competitions, birthday parties to picnics, there were so many exciting things that we did back then. Another such activity that we all looked forward to with great enthusiasm was the much-awaited tiffin break or recess at school. And the most exciting part about this break was the anticipation of what our friends had got in their tiffin boxes. So, if you’re someone who has grown up in the ’90s, here we have curated a list of popular tiffin meals that you will be able to relate to. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane.

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Here’re 5 Popular Tiffin Meals That Every 90s’ Kid Will Relate To:

1. Bread Jam

Bread slices topped with thick fruit jam has to be one of the first tiffin meal favourites. This classic combination was one of the easiest things to carry in our tiffin box. There was just something so exciting about the fruity aroma and irresistible taste of the jam that made us slurp every time.


2. Maggi

Nothing defines comfort best than a hot plate of Maggi. However, the feeling of enjoying cold Maggi packed in a tiffin box is something that we miss till date. It would often take the shape of the tiffin box, resembling a cake-like structure. We truly enjoyed the struggle of wrapping it around our fork, didn’t we?


3. Paratha

Parathas were undoubtedly one of the most popular tiffin meal options in the 90’s. Be it aloo ka paratha, paneer paratha or gobhi paratha, we enjoyed relishing them all with our friends. And to make it even tastier, there was always some aam ka achaar or nimbu achaar on the side.


4. Sandwiches

Slices of bread stuffed with either spicy potato or paneer filling, layers of cucumber and tomato or just plain butter, sandwiches were a hit among kids. There were no fancy chocolate or cheese spreads back then, and we enjoyed eating them as is. When paired with some ketchup or chutney, it would make for a perfect combination.

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5. Patties

We’ve all carried patties at least once in our tiffin box during our school days. Crispy, flaky and flavourful, they defined indulgence in the true sense. From aloo patties to chicken patties, we enjoyed gorging on them all! And we would often end up creating a mess after eating these crispy delights.

What were the foods that featured in your tiffin box? Do let us know in the comments below.

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