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Now Eat Gol Gappa On Weight Loss Diet! Try This Healthy Recipe By Dietitian

Now Eat Gol Gappa On Weight Loss Diet! Try This Healthy Recipe By Dietitian


You just can’t stop at one gol gappa, you’ve got to have the whole plate of at least six. The tangy and crispy gol gappa (or pani puri/puchka if you like to call it) is undoubtedly one of the best street foods in India. And, since gol gappa is available everywhere, it’s almost impossible to resist it, even on a weight loss diet. But here’s some good news. We found a way to make gol gappa healthier to enjoy it guilt-free, on our way to losing weight. Isn’t it like a dream come true?!

Crispy puris filled with the deliciousness of potatoes and chutneys give us a mouthfeel of electrifying flavours that win our hearts every single time. But we always wonder…

…Is gol gappa healthy or not? 

Let’s not forget that puris are deep fried, taking down their healthfulness. Thanks to dietitian Garima Goyal, we can now have our favourite gol gappa without counting our calories. Check out the tips she shared on Instagram to make healthier gol gappa. 

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Health benefits of eating gol gappa

The ingredients used to make gol gappa, even the flours of sooji and atta qualify as healthy foods. This certainly adds some weight to its nutritional profile.

Dietitian Garima Goyal reminds us that gol gappa water is made with tamarind, which provides a good amount of iron that helps boost haemoglobin levels. 

Other spices used in the preparation are mint (pudina), asafoetida (hing), fennel seeds (saunf), cumin powder (jeera), black salt (kala namak), jaljeera and more. These spices are great for gut health and help prevent acidity and bloating. 

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Tips To Make Healthy Gol Gappa For Weight Loss Diet: 

1. Dieitian Garima Goyal suggests making puris in an air-fryer with minimal oil content, instead of frying in a kadhai full of oil on the stove. Another option is to bake them in the oven. These processes will help reduce the oil content to a great degree. 

2. Another smart thing to do to make healthier gol gappa is to reduce the amount of potatoes in the filling and substitute them with mashed chickpeas and onions. Chickpeas offer protein and other nutrients, without adding calories, and onions add lots of crunches. 

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Next time you crave for gol gappa on your weight loss diet, make them healthier with these tips.

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