Home HEALTH & FITNESS Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur Shares Remedies To Tackle Monsoon Flu 

Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur Shares Remedies To Tackle Monsoon Flu 

Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur Shares Remedies To Tackle Monsoon Flu 


The sudden change in temperatures, during the monsoon season, can increase the risk of catching a common cold, cough, and other viral infections like the flu. People are advised to pay extra attention to their diet and increase the immunity-boosting food items. Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur shares two simple ways, following which one can keep monsoon cough, cold, and flu at bay. Wondering what it might be? A monsoon drink and a spices-infused powder. If you are facing any monsoon illnesses, you can include the remedy drink as well as the powder in your diet to recover fast. Moreover, people who are not in the clutches of monsoon illnesses yet can consume these immunity-boosting remedies to prevent diseases. 

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ABC Monsoon Drink Recipe For Cold And Cough During Monsoon:


Star Anise – 2 

Cinnamon – ½ stick  anti-inflammatory in nature 

Cloves – 4-5

Black pepper – 6-7 

The health expert explains that star anise, also called the best monsoon spice, is loaded with flavonoid – which has anti-fungal properties. As for cinnamon is concerned, it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Both cloves and black pepper are known for their properties to boost health. The nutritionist instructs to first boil the spices in 2 cups of water, and reduce it to one cup. Next, strain the spices and the drink is ready to serve. One cup of this monsoon drink will serve two people, half a cup each. While adults should take it two times a day, nutritionist Lavleen Kaur says that children, less than 13 years of age, should be given this monsoon drink one time a day. Notably, for children, the quantity of spices should also be reduced to half. Further, she suggests that one can add turmeric to the drink as well only to better the absorption power of black pepper.  

Spices Powder 

Ingredients : 

Coriander – 4 tablespoon 

Cumin – 2 spoons 

Fennel – 1 spoon 

Black pepper – 1 spoon 

Dry roast coriander, cumin, and fennel and allow it cool. Now, crush the spices and keep them aside.  Crush down the black pepper separately and add it to the spices mix. Now, take a spoonful of this powder and add it to your vegetables, pulses, and even the tea.  

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Regular intake of the monsoon drink as well as the powder, according to the nutritionist will boost an individual’s immunity owing to the anti-inflammatory properties of the spices used. 


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