Omelette? Patties? Or Both? This Bizarre Food From Agra Leaves Internet Divided


Do you recall those nostalgic school lunch breaks? We used to eagerly await the bell’s ring to rush to the canteen after finishing tiffin boxes. Among the various snacks available at the canteen, patties were the ultimate favourite. Surprisingly, this savoury treat still holds a special place in the hearts of both adults and kids. You may have tasted different patty flavours like aloo patty, paneer patty, and vegetable patty but have you ever come across an omelette patty? A video making waves on Instagram shows a street food vendor in Agra selling these unique creations. While some online users are applauding this innovative twist, others are expressing their disapproval.

In the video, the street food vendor can be seen preparing a vegetable omelette on a large griddle. Once the omelette is cooked to perfection, he opens the triangular patties and places them atop the omelette. As the patties stick to the omelette, he garnishes the dish with tandoori sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, and sliced onions. The final touch involves serving this omelette patty on a paper plate. In the background, a voiceover reveals that this snack is available for just Rs 50.

The caption of the video discloses that these omelette patties are available at Lawrence Fast Food, Sadar Bazar, Agra.

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Take a look at the video below:

Many food lovers appreciated the unique combination of patty and omelette. A user wrote, “Looks yummy.”

Another one asked, “Rs. 50 seriously?”

Someone posted, “Omg,” with a heart emoji.

Some users also gave thumbs down to this food experiment. “Yuck,” penned a person.

A comment read, “Bhai 50 rupee main juice pee leeta. Ye heart ke mariz kyu bana raha hai? [Brother, you could have had juice for 50 rupees. Why are you eating something that will make you a heart patient?]”

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