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One Cooker, Five Recipes: These Indian Non-Veg Curries Can Be Easily Made In Pressure Cooker

One Cooker, Five Recipes: These Indian Non-Veg Curries Can Be Easily Made In Pressure Cooker


There are days when we want to prepare a full-course meal, one that starts with an appetiser, has a main course, and ends with a delicious dessert. And then, there are other days when we can barely fathom making a single dish. Let us remind you though; our cravings for a delicious meal are one and the same on both these days. Just because you don’t have the energy to prepare a full-blown meal, doesn’t mean you can’t crave one, does it? And if you find yourself inclining towards the second kind of day today, we bring for you just what you need! Hearty Indian non-veg curries that can instantly boost your meal. But, the twist here is you can prepare these in just one pressure cooker. No extra effort or cookware is required and the recipes are some of the easiest ones out there. Interested to try it out? Here is the list.

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5 Hearty Indian Non-veg Curries You Can Prepare In Pressure Cooker:

1. Maas Kolhapuri: (Our Top Pick)

Kolhapuri dishes are known for their fiery and spicy taste; Maas Kolhapuri too, is not for the faint-hearted. However, you can always adjust the spice level according to your preference. The recipe is of Kolhapuri mutton smeared with a ginger garlic paste and a variety of other sizzling spices. It’s cooked in a pressure cooker till it turns soft, juicy, and tender. Enjoy with fluffy white rice for a decadent meal. Click here for the recipe.

2. Pressure Cooker Chicken Curry:

Chicken curry is one of the best comfort meals for non-vegetarians. And this one-pot chicken curry can be the no-fuss quick-fix for your weekday meals. All you need to do is put together all the ingredients and pressure cook the curry with minimal effort. Pair with roti or rice and a pickle by the side to enjoy a wholesome meal. Click here for the recipe.

3. Hyderabadi Mutton Marag:

A popular Hyderabadi recipe that is usually served at weddings and special occasions, this mutton marag can easily be made at home too. It is a spicy and rich mutton stew that is sure to be the show-stopper at your dinner table. Just pressure cook mutton with whole spices and add creamy nut and coconut paste as you go. Garnish with fresh cream and enjoy the rich curry. Click here for the recipe.

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4. Champaran Mutton Curry:

Rich and robust, Champaran mutton curry is one of the most beloved Indian mutton curries to try at home. However, the original recipe calls for an earthen pot, which is not the most feasible option for every one of us. So, what’s the next best cookware that we can prepare this dish on? A pressure cooker! Since the recipe calls for slow cooking in a dum-pukht method, a pressure cooker is the best option you can use for preparing this dish at home easily. Click here for the recipe.

5. Kashmiri Harissa:

Kashmir has been known for its gastronomic tales of rich and royal non-veg dishes and this Kashmiri Harissa fits right on that list. This dish is basically an authentic and traditional mutton curry recipe that is usually eaten during winter and is best served with Kashmiri bread known as Kashmiri Tchot. It is prepared as a thick mutton stew with boneless mutton chunks cooked in a rice paste. Click here for the recipe.

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So, next time you are struggling to come up with recipes to make for a quick lunch or dinner, try these easy non-veg pressure cooker recipes.


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