“Ones JEE Is Someone Elses BhuJEEya”, Food Plate Recycled From JEE Paper Sparks Debate


We all have observed how street food is served on recycled paper, right? Our bhel puri is served on old newspaper, our momos are packed in a packet created from recycled biscuit packages and our aloo tikki is served on a plate made from recycled paper. In an effort to save paper, street food is served in recycled containers, and our plates end up being just as interesting as the food it comes with! While eating during a train journey, a man encountered a recycled plate made from the most unusual thing ever, and we bet you wouldn’t be able to guess it! Take a look:

The food plate was recycled from a JEE Mains question paper! Bizarre, right? People on the internet were amused to see that the food plate was recycled from a question paper. The image was shared on Twitter by @maybe_anurag with the caption, “only Kota things.” The post has 12.6k likes, 738 retweets and 87 quote tweets.

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Every year, IIT aspirants all around the country rush to Kota to enrol themselves in a famous coaching centre. They put in their heart and soul for the JEE Mains exam paper. To see such a monumental thing, like a question paper, turn into something so ordinary, like a recycled plate for street food, has the internet quite amused!

People have given quite the hilarious reactions to this JEE Mains food plate. From making puns out of the exams name, “One’s JEE is someone else’s bhuJEEya”, to getting excited about sample questions for the IIT paper, “Imagine if this man gets the same question in his mains exam”, the internet has used its wits to give quite the clever take on this exam paper-turned-food plate. Take a look:

What did you think of people’s tweets about this recycled question paper food plate? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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