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Paneer Better Than Chicken? Lady Gets Flak For Unpopular Opinion

Paneer Better Than Chicken? Lady Gets Flak For Unpopular Opinion


Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are in constant debate. Is butter chicken better than shahi paneer? Does chilli chicken taste better than chilli paneer? While both have their own flavour and texture profiles, this tussle is a constant and never-ending one. So when a Twitter user shared her thoughts on this debate, it was bound to stir up a discussion on this topic. Sharing her ‘unpopular opinion’ with a picture, the lady’s tweet went viral and not in a good way. Take a look:

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“Unpopular opinion Paneer is better than Chicken,” wrote the user in her tweet. There was also a click of a plate with a dry paneer sabzi made with onion, capsicum and spices. The sabzi was paired with ketchup, rotis and a mug of chai. The post has received over 600k views and 2k likes since it was shared on March 21.

A number of Twitter users reacted to the lady’s post. Several felt that the picture of paneer she shared looked totally unappetising. “Seeing this made my hunger die,” wrote one user while another said, “Who eats sauce with tea?!” Another one commented, “Those having ketchup with paneer sabzi shouldn’t be giving opinions on food!” Yet another one wrote, “I never understand the combination of tea with food. I don’t drink tea so I always find it weird.”

Take a look at the reactions to the unpopular opinion:

This is not the only Twitter post that has raked up a controversy on the platform. Recently, a person shared their unpopular opinion on which biryani is the best. He felt that Chennai biryani surpassed others, including Lucknow and Hyderabadi. Click here to read more about this story.

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