Pani Puri But With Maaza? This Latest Bizarre Food Has The Internet Aghast


Over the past few months, we’ve observed a surge in unconventional food experiments. From Fanta Maggi to vegetarian eggs, and from fruit chai to paan masala omelette, social media feeds have been inundated with bizarre videos. Even India’s beloved street food, pani puri, has not been spared from audacious experiments. You might have come across variations like egg pani puri, mango pani puri, and even pani puri stuffed with chicken and prawn. Now, a new addition is causing a stir on the internet – Maaza pani puri. Yes, you read that correctly. A video demonstrating the preparation of this dish is going viral on X (previously known as Twitter). After watching it, pani puri lovers are expressing their disgust in the comment section
In the video, the process begins with the individual placing six golgappas into a blending jar. Following that, chopped onions and aloo masala are added to the jar. Pudina pani is then introduced to the mix. The blending jar is covered with a lid and attached to the mixer machine to blend everything together. Once it reaches a smoothie-like consistency, Maaza and chocolate syrup are added to the concoction before serving. The caption of the video reads, “Time to leave the planet.” Take a look at the video below:
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Hundreds of people expressed their disapproval of this food experiment. One user wrote, “Could not watch for more than 5-6 seconds! This is an unpardonable destruction of one of my favorite food items.”

Another one added, “Ye kya dekh liya subah subah [What did I just see early in the morning?] Day ruined.”

A person said, “Bhagwaan bahut paaap dega [God will punish severely]”.

“Can I unsee this??” asked someone. 

Someone declared it, “Culinary destroyer of the year.”  
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“Yuck yuck and yuck!!!” read a comment.

An X user penned, “Aisa kaam karne wale ko goli maarna galat to nahi hai [ It is not wrong to shoot someone doing such things]”

What do you think about Maaza pani puri? Would you try it? Tell us in the comments below!

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